April 8 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

Welcome to spring…at least for a couple of days the sun is out and the snow is melting quickly. As enticing as it is to head outside when the weather improves, please do so only when necessary and with all the precautions of physical distancing front of mind. We all crave exercise and start to feel caged after being housebound, but that is a relatively minor sacrifice for each of us to do our part in flattening the curve of COVID-19. The now well worn phrase ‘we are all in this together’, also implies that reducing the potentially devastating effects of the novel coronavirus requires the effort from each and every one of us to stay home and avoid contact with others. Please remind your children that it is not ok to be congregating in parks, backyards, or anywhere else – whether it is a public or private place. 

We are hearing…and seeing evidence of…some wonderful moments of the best teaching and learning possible this week as teachers and students reconnect online and figure out the nuances of e-learning through a combination of inquiry-based learning, tremendous patience with glitchy technology, and a great sense of humour. Some of the virtual backgrounds available on Zoom  are hilarious, and perhaps the most tender anecdote came from some grade 4 students who wish they could have the Connect logo for their background. I felt the same way and had a poster made up to go behind my desk at home. I’m happy to share a copy of the logo to anyone who wants it…let me know. Some of the online ‘show and tell’ sessions have introduced a wide variety of pets into the classes…and we all know the soothing power of a few critters in a learning space.   

The schedule for next week’s parent sessions is now available at connectcharter.ca/elearning-parent-sessions/.  There is no need to pre-register; just click on the ‘Join’ button for the session you wish to attend. To clarify, each session will be one hour in length – the first half will be a presentation and the second half will be a question and answer opportunity. As a means of streamlining the Q and A, and also as an ongoing way for parents to ask questions of the school leadership team or provide feedback and suggestions, please complete the google form at connectcharter.ca/contact-leadership/ and we will respond in a timely manner, as well as select the most commonly asked questions to share at the parent session. Live questions will also be fielded during the sessions. Please bear with us as we embark on yet another new and innovative chapter in our e-learning experience. 

Stay safe my friends,

Phil Butterfield