April 7 Update

Good afternoon Connect Parents;

This afternoon I had the good fortune to sit in on a Zoom meeting with our amazing and wonderful education assistants. Without exception they have provided unwavering support to our students and teachers and are ensuring there are strong connections with the most diverse and complex learners within our school. It was truly incredible to hear their accounts of the first two days of e-learning and how the teachers are ensuring that relationships come first and are the foundation of continuing our strong and resilient inquiry-focused education program. 

Parent e-Learning Sessions

As mentioned in yesterday’s update, we want to provide parents with an opportunity to join a grade specific sessions next week at which time we will discuss strategies to support student learning and there will also be an opportunity to address many of your questions that will have emerged in the first couple of weeks of Connected e-learning. Below is the schedule of parent sessions. Each session will run for one hour with the first half being a presentation format and the second have being a question and answer opportunity. Please note that these will be recorded and will be available to you through a link on the school website.

Mon. Apr. 13        12-1pm          Grade 9

                             2-2:30            Complex Learners, including students on Individualized Program Plans 

Tues. Apr. 14        12-12:30        Grade 4

Wed. Apr. 15        12-12:30         Grade 5

Thurs. Apr. 16        10-10:30        Grade 7

                               12-12:30        Grade 6

Fri. Apr. 17             12-12:30        Grade 8

Fun Lunch Update

As much as our dedicated fun lunch volunteers would love to deliver pre-ordered fun lunches to your door…that is simply not possible. Please see the fun lunch link at connectcharter.ca/fun-lunch/ for the most current updates on fun lunch…and a huge thank you to those volunteers who have worked tirelessly at providing hot lunches and snacks to our students…Wednesdays will not be the same.

No School Friday

Friday is a statutory holiday for Good Friday and there will be no classes.

Tomorrow I will share out the form for submitting questions and feedback on Connected e-learning. Thanks to all of you who have sent emails of support and encouragement…they are tremendously appreciated.

Stay healthy everyone,

Phil Butterfield