April 5 Update

Good afternoon Connect Parents;

Tomorrow we will be launching the Connected E-learning program that we anticipate will continue until the end of the school year. You have been provided with a tremendous amount of information from school administration and your child’s teachers about how e-learning will work and what to expect in the first weeks. Undoubtedly you will have questions…many of which will be answered as you become more familiar with the program and how teaching and learning is now different than being in school. 

We will also be hosting a series of grade level parent meetings using Zoom, beginning on Monday April 13th with a grade 9 meeting from 12-12:30pm. A schedule of other grade meetings will be sent out in a couple of days. These sessions will be an opportunity for you to get clarification or provide feedback on any aspect of the e-learning program. We will also use these sessions to share important information, such as details of high school registration for grade 9 students. Additionally, we will host a Zoom session specifically for parents of complex learners and students with learning or self-regulation issues who may be struggling in an online environment.

As we transition to this new way of teaching, learning, leading, and thinking, please bear in mind that we are all learning together as each day goes by. We may not have all the answers to your questions right away, but your wondering is our wondering…and we will find out answers and solutions as quickly as we can. Check your email frequently or set your notifications so you receive all updates…more than ever it is essential that school-home communication be effective and couched in empathy and understanding. The pandemic and economic downturn affect all of us and more than ever before it is a time for caring and gratitude to prevail. Our staff has worked very hard to be ready for the first synchronous class tomorrow and I know they are eager to see their students and know they are healthy and safe. 

Thank you for your support and I am truly looking forward to reconnecting with many of you (online) in the coming days.

Phil Butterfield