March 19 Update

Good afternoon Connect parents;

We are quickly approaching spring break, which seems rather surreal under the circumstances, since we have not had our student here with us this week and the school should be buzzing with the sounds of student-led conferences getting underway as I write this…instead it is eerily quiet. But let’s not confuse quiet with inactive – today the school leadership met with each grade team, including student services and core support teachers through an online medium. We are confident that our plans to gently roll out an e-learning platform after spring break are ready and will offer many opportunities for trial and error, feedback, and ongoing tweaking to ensure students and parents feel adequately supported. On April 4th I will be emailing you a ‘Parents Guide to e-Learning @ Connect’ The guide will mirror the information shared with teachers but in a format that is geared to what you need in order to be prepared for the new learning model to come. Shortly after receiving the guide to e-learning, you will receive an email from your child’s core teachers with some details about what the first few days will look like (schedule, screen time limits, how classes will be constructed, etc…). There will be support available to you from the grade team, student services, our educational technologist, and the school leadership team. Even if you are in self-isolation you may feel like you’re in a crowded room with all of us there to help. 

In other news…

Thank you for your continuing support,

Phil Butterfield



School Council: Connect Charter School Parents  Facebook Group

A reminder from School Council about the Connect Charter School Parents Group on Facebook. This is a closed group, created for parents of students who attend Connect Charter. If you aren’t already in this group, you may wish to join and share information and ideas for e-learning, scheduling, and keeping active during self-isolation. Search for the group (name and cover image below), read the group rules, answer a couple questions and send a request to join.