Weekly Update, February 3-7, 2020

Coronavirus Update

As of Friday afternoon the World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus outbreak to be a global emergency. Alberta Health Services has elevated their readiness to a level 2 out of 4, meaning they are increasing awareness of how the virus may be spread and the most effective precautions. Frequent and thorough hand washing remains the primary preventative measure to avoid contracting the virus. Please reinforce the importance of handwashing with your child (ren) as it needs to become a habit of mind to avoid contacting or passing along any viruses. In addition, please keep children home if they are sick and notify the office of the reason as we do track this information.

Curriculum Review feedback

Alberta Education has released the report of the curriculum review panel. Below are links to the panel report, the new Ministerial Order on Student Learning, and a survey to provide feedback to Alberta Education prior to implementation.

    1. Ministerial order: www.alberta.ca/assets/documents/educ-draft-ministerial-order.pdf 
    2. Curriculum Review Panel report www.alberta.ca/curriculum-advisory-panel.aspx 
    3. Feedback survey: www.learnalberta.ca/content/survey2020/index.html 

Extended Family Day weekend

A reminder that the school will be closed on February 12, 13, and 14 for our staff retreat to focus on the development of a new report card and further refine our approaches to inclusive education. The school will also be closed on February 17 for Family Day.

Connected Parents

This week, we are highlighting the excellent videography work done by Humanities Specialist Rick Fawcett, that helps parents and community members develop their understanding of the inquiry-based learning process. You can find the video series here: connectcharter.ca/what-is-inquiry/

Wellness Byte

Empathy is a valuable trait in children and adults, and helps us understand others. In this article, Craig Keilburger, Co-Founder of the Me to We movement, points out the importance of developing empathy to understand and support children who have experienced trauma. www.pressreader.com/canada/calgary-herald/20200128/282424171194498


Bolder Coffee fundraiser

Order your Bolder coffee for February now, website is open!

Please visit: ccs.fundraiserorders.com

To input your February order.

Setting up an account for fundraisers:

  1. Log in with your Fun Lunch user name and password
  2. The Access Code you require is specific to this school and will have been sent to you in an email from the school. If you already have a Fun Lunch account you will not need this access code. 

Bolder Coffee Details: 

Bolder Coffee was started in 2013 by two born & raised Calgarians. Bolder Coffee is a local, small batch, artisan roasted coffee company dedicated to sourcing high quality and flavourful beans.  Coffee is available in 1/2 pound ($10.50) and 1 pound ($21) whole bean bags.

Payment is only accepted by credit card at this time. Paypal is the company we have selected to process credit card transactions, you do not need to have a Paypal account – you can enter your credit card number on their site and they will process your payment.

February 2020 order deadline is end of day February  12th. Orders will be processed by the system and sent to the vendor on February 13th.  Delivery date will be February 20th, 2020. Coffee will be delivered to your child to take home unless you provide alternative pickup instructions to the email listed below.  Additionally, your account balance must be ZERO at the time the order is sent to the vendor to allow the system to process your order.  

If you have any questions/issues with Bolder Coffee ordering, please contact Jennifer at [email protected]