Weekly Update January 13-17

Parents, it is essential that you review the following precautions and guidelines for extreme weather when preparing students for school: 

Winter Precautions

  1. Students should never be left unattended at a bus pick up point in the morning: road, weather, traffic, and unforeseen conditions can result in buses being late or, in rare circumstances, not showing up at all. 
  2. Winter jackets, boots, gloves, and hats are essential items for students taking the bus, walking to school, or who plan to be outside at any point during the school day. 
  3. All students must have a pair of indoor shoes to put on in place of snow boots. Indoor shoes must also be worn in the gym and IAC for phys ed classes.
  4. As a safety precaution, throwing snowballs or kicking snow and ice is not permitted except under structured, supervised circumstances. All students are advised of this policy and the throwing of snowballs is addressed as a conduct matter by school administration.
  5. Although every effort is made to keep the school open during inclement weather, extreme conditions may lead to a school closure. Listen to local radio station,  social media feeds, and the school website for updated information during periods of significant climate events. 

Indoor and Outdoor Recess

As our school evolves, it is always desirable to revisit expectations and guidelines for students to ensure our procedures are still meeting the needs of the school community. We are currently working to clarify guidelines and expectations for students during morning and lunch recesses and will share those with parents once they are established. As we deal with the winter elements and make determinations whether students can or should be going outside for recess, there are a few basic criteria we will always follow. We will not send students outside if it is dangerously cold or there is a combination of factors (cold, wind, snow) that create potentially hazardous conditions. While we use -20C as a guideline temperature to start considering an indoor recess, students who are adequately prepared to be outdoors will be allowed to enjoy the fresh air and will be supervised by staff. Students who venture outside and who are not dressed for the weather will be sent back into the school. All students who are inside the school during morning or lunch recess are expected to be in a supervised activity…and there are many of them offered by teachers and our student services staff every day.


Please visit connectcharter.ca/calendar/ to ensure you are fully informed of upcoming activities, field experiences, fun lunches, assemblies, and many more events.

Parent Society and School Council Meetings – January 21st

The next regular meetings of the Connect Charter School Parent Society and School Council will take place on Tuesday January 21st at 6:30 and 7pm respectively. Both meetings will take place in the Learning Commons. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

Australia Fire Relief Initiative

As a service initiative, Ms. Shergill, Ms. Groeller, and Ms. Nilsson are putting together a collection of pouches to send to an animal rescue agency in Australia to help with the rehab of animals impacted by the fires. We are going to mail whatever is completed on Monday, January 20. 

More details here, but the gist is they need 2 separate things: liners for the pouches made from pure cotton or flannelette (washable) AND an outer layer made of 100% pure wool. If you can make one of those things, please do so! Alternatively, please go through your stashes to see if you have some material and/or some yarn we can craft in to either of these things if you don’t have time. If you aren’t interested in either of the above options, but do want to help, you could provide a small amount of cash for us to go and buy some material for making. Or just send your positive vibes along to Australia.

All completed pouches or cash donations can be dropped off at the main office. Thanks.

Spring Camps

To assist with planning for parents and potential volunteers, here is the spring camp schedule as it is known at this time. These volunteer opportunities will be posted on Better Impact over the next few weeks.The grade 4 Alberta Tour (part two) and the grade 8 Worldview tour to Writing on Stone have not been scheduled yet. Please see the calendar for class specific dates:

April 15-17   Grade 4 Alberta Tour Frank Slide 

April 30-May 12 Grade 5 and 7 Fort Steele

May 19-22     Agents of Change Winnipeg

June 4-5     Grade 9 Year end celebration River’s Edge (Cremona)

Wellness Byte

Anxiety is something we all experience and is, in fact, essential for survival. At times anxiety can adversely affect our ability to perform daily functions and enjoy life to the max. The link below provides a concise summary of anxiety and when it might become an issue in need of attention. 


Have a great week, everyone…and stay warm.

Phil Butterfield