Weekly Update: January 6-10, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back everyone! We sincerely hope you all enjoyed a restorative winter break full of family, friends, and lots of laughter. Even though we are nearing the mid point of the school year, turning the calendar to a new year, and in this case a new decade, provides an excellent opportunity to re-establish routines, expectations, boundaries, and procedures that promote and sustain a respectful, safe, and nurturing learning and teaching environment for our school community. Extensive research shows the benefits of students being outdoors and lunch recess provides an opportunity for all students to enjoy being outside. We continue to see some of our students not following expectations for either being outside, or in supervised spaces during lunch recess. This week we will be conducting school wide consultation sessions with students to inform a plan that will be shared with students and parents. Once we have established these protocols we will share them with our parent community. 


As mentioned in weekly updates before winter break, please visit connectcharter.ca/calendar/ to ensure you are fully informed of upcoming activities, field experiences, fun lunches, assemblies, and many more events.

Bus Expectations

If your child rides a bus to or from school, please have a brief conversation about some basic expectations. Prior to winter break we were experiencing a significant decline in respectful behaviour towards drivers and an increase in the number of unsafe behaviours being initiated by students. Among the reminders for discussion are:

  • Keep hands, feet, and all other body parts inside the bus;
  • Do not throw anything from the bus;
  • Remain seated at all times until the bus has come to a complete stop at the school (morning) or at designated exit points (afternoon). Students are NOT to move between seats while on the bus;
  • Comply with all instructions given by the driver.

Starting immediately, all bus incidents will result in a meeting with the student and parents, and appropriate consequences including a suspension of bus privileges.  

Grade 6 Winter Camp Parent Information Session

All grade 6 parents are reminded of the information session being held in the Learning Commons on Wednesday Jan. 8th at 6:30pm to discuss the details of the upcoming winter camps. At least one parent of each grade 6 student is expected to attend this meeting for important information. Please get in touch with your student’s teacher if you are not able to attend this meeting in order to make other arrangements.

Parent Society and School Council Meetings – January 21st

The next regular meetings of the Connect Charter School Parent Society and School Council will take place on Tuesday January 21st at 6:30 and 7pm respectively. Both meetings will take place in the Learning Commons. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.

Contacting your child at school

If you need to contact your child at school, please remember that students do not have access to their cell phones during school hours. Contacting your student on his/her personal device puts them in contravention of our school policy and unnecessarily burdens staff with enforcement of this clearly stated policy. Contact the main office at 403-282-2890 and we will locate your child to deliver a message if it is urgent. To avoid disturbing classes by using the PA system, students will be summoned to the office at lunch or at the end of the day to receive non-urgent messages.  Please remember to check in at the office before going to classrooms. There is no direct access to classes or students during school hours. 

Thank you and have a wonderful week,

Phil Butterfield