Discovering the Past – Grade 5 EXPO

During their recent EXPO trip, the grade five students left the classroom to explore the Glenbow Museum and Fort Calgary. At the Glenbow Museum, students learned about different native cultures from the north, east, west and south. The students were excited to explore the various ways of life and traditions that still remain strong, rich and diverse in each quadrant today.
Next, the grade five classes hopped back on the bus to visit Fort Calgary. Students were able to learn about what makes something an artifact and what kinds of artifacts were found at the archeology site of Fort Calgary. Later, the grade fives were able to put their new knowledge to use when they were asked to conduct a simulated archeological dig. Students were required to discover an artifact, identify what it was and then properly preserve it. The grade fives were encouraged to be creative and write a short story explaining how they thought each item they found became an artifact.
Overall, the day was a complete success as each student was engaged in an authentic experience that presented their current school curriculum in a different way. Connect Charter School encourages this style of teaching and learning in order to develop our students as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens.