Inquiry Lives Here – A Video Series

Over the course of this school year, my role as Curriculum Portfolio Leader has allowed me to witness a wide array of strong Inquiry-based instruction happening here at Connect Charter School. I have been fortunate that our teachers have shared the accomplishments of our students with me and I have enjoyed translating this success into a series of videos that brings focus to the work we do here. The videos are available on the school’s YouTube Channel, but here is a convenient list of the videos that are currently available for viewing. I look forward to continuing this series over the coming weeks, months, and years.
Episode One: Physical Education
Dean Schmiechel explains how students inquire into fitness by creating their own fitness video based on a variety of experiences provided to them by experts in a number of physical education fields.

Episode Two: Grade 8 Humanities
Ivy Waite and Jaime Groeller provide insight into a literature unit that offers our Grade 8 students a variety of creative challenges designed to have them interact with Nancy Farmer’s novel “The House of the Scorpion” in a manner that inspires them as readers, communicators, and thinkers.

Episode Three: Grade 4 Math/Science
Heather Melville provides an overview of a hands-on project that challenges students to experiment with and share ideas about how wheels and levers through experimentation with miniature trebuchets.

Episode Four: Grade 4 Math/Science
Dave Bennett discusses a project that challenges Grade 4 students to learn about how a bicycle works, and then design, test, and reflect upon the modifications they designed to better its performance.

Episode Five: Grade 9 Humanities
Shashi Shergill and Jason Avramenko explain the project they designed that helps bring the “human element” to the critical discussions about the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and non-Aboriginal peoples of Canada.

Episode Six: Grade 7 Humanities
Jared McKenzie and myself provide a thorough overview of a unit we designed that challenges students to create a video documentary that communicates a remarkable piece of their family’s history.

Episode Seven: Grade 5 & 7 Geography
Margaret Leland discusses a collaborative project she sponsored in conjuntion with Mount Royal University researchers and industry professionals that played a critical role in the development of an innovative GIS program called WorldView.