Family Artifact Inquiry- Grade 7

Rick Fawcett and Jared McKenzie~ Grade 7 Humanities.

This project was designed as a way to share the personal connection the students have to Canadian history and to engage them in the process of curating a historical narrative of their own family’s history.

Inquiry Stage #1: Choose an Artifact – Is there some thing in your home that you have always wondered about? – The goal is to choose an artifact that has a rich history and means a great deal to you and your family. – It should have a story and you should have access to that story. – The artifact doesn’t need to be in your family’s possession.

Inquiry Stage #2: Research the Artifact – Learn as much as you possibly can about the artifact’s history. – Ask the big questions: – Where did it come from? – How did it come to be in your family’s possession? – What is its significance? – You will conduct one personal interview with a member of the family that has important information about the artifact and the story it tells. – Explore the historical links between your artifact and World History.

Inquiry Stage #3: Present Your Learning – Using your creative iMovie skills, put your learning into a powerful 2-3 minute presentation that celebrates the artifact and the story it represents.