Digital Publishing Discussion Follow Up

Thanks to all those who joined us for our first Innovation in Education “Think Tank” discussion event.

For those who joined us (either face to face or digitally) you’ll know the content. The resources and ideas presented by Dave Scott and Neil Stephenson were:
As a quick review:
Dave and Neil shared ideas around digital publishing in three areas:
  • Student Publishing
  • Teachers Publishing for Students
  • Teachers Publishing for other Teachers
The final discussion question of the night was:
For many the power of emerging technologies lays not in the tools, but in the accompanying interactive and participatory cultures. If there were no constraints, do you see (and if so how) the changing nature of digital text impacting and transforming education?
Our purpose for the event was to introduce some ideas and possibilities, and allow for participants to respond and discuss. We wanted the event to be the beginning of the discussion.
Please feel free to continue the discussion using the comments section below.