Four CSS teachers at the AB Social Studies Conference

Next week four of our teachers are presenting at the annual Alberta Social Studies Conference.

Jenn Woodard is giving two presentations:
Canada: Your Story is My Story This presentation will cover a grade 9 project on immigration. Our school partnered with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Services and our grade 9 students interviewed recent immigrants to Canada. The students documented immigration stories, collected images and artifacts, and created iMovies that were then played back to the new immigrants during a celebration at the school.
Your Dollar is Your Vote Jenn will explain the parts of this grade 9 project on global economics, which covered fair trade, globalization and how students impact the world through their own purchases.
Tanya Stogre and Chris Dittmann are giving a presentation on Grade 5 History iMovies.
Neil Stephenson is giving a presentation on the Cigar Box Project.