English Language Learners

Students may come to our school identified as English Language Learners, or they may be identified by teachers and their school file upon arrival. Alberta Education requires the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks to be completed for these students. These benchmarks are completed during each reporting period. Cumulative information from classroom assessment and the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks will determine what supports will be put in place for the student. Should you have any further question in regards to the ESL Proficiency Benchmarks, please contact your child's teacher, Abby Saadeh our Inclusive Practices Coordinator or a member of our Administration.

Social Thinking, Zones of Regulation, and Superflex

Connect Charter School has adopted the Zones of Regulation, Superflex, and Social Thinking programs in Grades 4 and 5 to help students understand their emotions and how behaviours cause reactions that impact themselves and others. The goal of these programs is to help students build a variety of skills that promote empathy, self-awareness, and positive experiences.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Alberta Education describes Literacy and Numeracy as a shared responsibility among all educators. Although specific knowledge and skills are taught primarily in Language Arts and Mathematics, every subject area teacher is responsible for further developing, strengthening and enhancing literacy and numeracy skills. demands.

If a student requires additional literacy or numeracy support, teachers will provide accommodations and modification support within the classroom first. If students require more additional support, they may be placed in a literacy or numeracy intervention group for 6-8 weeks. This intervention group is typically comprised of 3-4 students and helps them to develop specific skills in identified areas of need.

High School Preparation

Please find detailed information around high school registration and preparation on the link below.