The Grade 9 Teaching Team

Garett Kutcher
Garett Kutcher9.1/.2 Math-Science
Margaret Leland
Margaret Leland9.1/.2 Humanities
Cynthia Nilsson
Cynthia Nilsson9.3/.4 Math-Science
Jason Avramenko
Jason Avramenko9.3/.4 Humanities


Contact Information

email: click on the mail icon above for a particular teacher
phone: please call the main office at 403 282-2890 to reach a teacher between 8:30am and 4:00pm
Parents are encouraged to contact teachers when they have questions or concerns. Contact via email is most preferred, but in the case of more significant or more sensitive issues, please feel free to call the teacher and set up a meeting.
Please consult our Staff Information page for further contacts.

Course Outlines/Curricular Links

You can find a summary of the Alberta curriculum for grade nine here. The teachers take the curricula and formulate a year plan, outlining when the concepts will be covered and in what order. Our year plans will be available shortly.

Class Timetables

Here are the timetables for the 9 classes. Note that we operate on a 6 day cycle, so to determine which day we are on please consult our Connect Family Google Calendar.

Weekly Updates/Blog

The grade nine teachers and students will be using Edmodo ( to keep track of assignments and due dates.


Parents can check Edmodo ( to see whether their child has submitted assignments. Parents are encouraged to use the student’s log in, as the parental portal does not have access to the same information in the same format as the student portal.