Connect has an admissions process in order to accommodate the high demand for space in the school.

All of our waiting lists are currently full, with over 400 names on the grade 4 waiting list and up to one hundred names on the grade 5 to 9 waiting lists. The purpose of the process is to ensure that there is a good alignment between the learner profile of potential students and the nature of our program. Given the extremely low attrition rate, the primary intake year is grade 4.

The nature of our program is such that learners should have the capability for independent learning, the desire to learn and grow with the support and guidance of peers as well as teachers, and an adventurous spirit. As with every school, there is a wide variation in terms of the types of learner at Connect, but those who have found the most success at our school have had the capacity for independent learning but also appreciate and have the capability for highly collaborative work.

The admissions process is comprised of the following steps:

Placement on the waiting list

  • Parents or guardians can put their child’s name on the wait list on September 15 or the first business day thereafter of the year that the child enters ECS (kindergarten). Siblings of existing Connect students are placed at the top of the waiting list.

Submission of Paperwork

  • Prior to admission, parents must provide the following:
    • The child’s most recent report card
    • Copies of any formal assessments completed since starting school (i.e. – Psycho-educational, Occupational therapy, Speech-Language assessments)
    • An original, authentic writing sample completed by the child no more than 30 days before the specified date.
    • Parent questionnaire
    • Students entering grades 5 to 9 must submit the most current report card, their final report card from the preceding year, any formal assessments completed within the previous three years, a writing sample, and a completed parent questionnaire.

Attend Parent Information Session

  • To help parents make an informed decision, parent information sessions will be held in late January or early February. Parents must attend the parent information session or make alternate arrangements with the school office in order to maintain their child’s place on the wait list.

Offering a Spot

  • Once the above steps are completed spots will be offered based on the child’s placement on the wait list. In some circumstances further investigation will be conducted in order to better understand the educational needs of the student.

The following considerations are also taken into account when offering spots:


  • Siblings of existing Connect students will be moved ahead of non-siblings on the wait list. The order of the siblings on the wait list will be based on the date of first contact with the school.
  • Siblings of current Connect students will be contacted and will be asked to provide supporting documentation (report cards, writing sample, parent questionnaire, assessments if applicable).
  • In the best interests of providing appropriate educational programming for all students, the entrance criteria noted in #2 above will also apply to siblings.

Gender Ratio

  • Where practicable, the school will maintain a ratio of at least one girl for every two boys in each class.
  • Where the ratio in a class falls below the minimum specified ratio, girls will be admitted ahead of boys, based on their placement on the wait list.

Appeals Procedures

Parents may appeal admissions decisions in accordance with Connect Charter School policy 2.02 – Appeals