Teaching Staff

Our staff is exceptionally dedicated, creative and talented. We work hard collaboratively in order to bring the Alberta Programs of Study to life for students. All of our staff, whether they work in classrooms, in our office, or they keep our school safe, clean and orderly, are committed to our vision: Developing extraordinary citizens.

Dave Bennett
Dave Bennett4.1/.2 Math-Science
Brittney Glinsbockel
Brittney Glinsbockel4.1/.2 Humanities
Katie Haig
Katie Haig4.3/.4 Math-Science
Ivy Waite
Ivy Waite4.3/.4 Humanities
Kevin Sonico
Kevin Sonico5.1/.2 Math-Science
Jessica Kelly
Jessica Kelly5.1/.2 Humanities
Trish Mayerle
Trish Mayerle5.3/.4 Math-Science
Gail Stevenson
Gail Stevenson5.3/.4 Humanities
Jocelyn Monteith
Jocelyn Monteith6.1/.2 Math-Science
Heather Fawcett
Heather Fawcett6.1/.2 Humanities
Deirdre Bailey
Deirdre Bailey6.3/.4 Math-Science
Jody Pereverzoff
Jody Pereverzoff6.3/.4 Humanities
Marla Paxton
Marla Paxton7.1/.2 Math-Science
Rick Fawcett
Rick Fawcett7.1/.2 Humanities
Greg Neil
Greg Neil7.3/.4 Math-Science
Jared McKenzie
Jared McKenzie7.3/.4 Humanities
Patrick Tam
Patrick Tam8.1/.2 Math-Science
Chris Dittmann
Chris Dittmann8.1/.2 Humanities
Louis Cheng
Louis Cheng8.3/.4 Math-Science
Jaime Groeller
Jaime Groeller8.3/.4 Humanities
Garett Kutcher
Garett Kutcher9.1/.2 Math-Science
Margaret Leland
Margaret Leland9.1/.2 Humanities
Cynthia Nilsson
Cynthia Nilsson9.3/.4 Math-Science
Jason Avramenko
Jason Avramenko9.3/.4 Humanities
Lorrie Emin
Lorrie EminVisual Arts
Andrew Bolen
Andrew BolenMusic/Band
Heather Melville
Heather MelvilleDrama
Dean Schmeichel
Dean SchmeichelPhysical Education
John Cadman
John CadmanPhysical Education

Teacher and Student Support Staff

Shannon Mitchel-Flek
Shannon Mitchel-FlekCounselor
Abby Saadeh
Abby SaadehInclusive Practices Coach
Dawn Dixon
Dawn DixonEducation Assistant
Jessica James
Jessica JamesEducation Assistant
Leane Riley
Leane RileyEducation Assistant
Suzanne Viteikis
Suzanne ViteikisLibrarian

School Administration and Business Office Staff

Susan Chomistek
Susan ChomistekSuperintendent
Dr. Phil Butterfield
Dr. Phil ButterfieldPrincipal
Shashi Shergill
Shashi ShergillAssistant Principal
Scott Petronech
Scott PetronechAssistant Principal
Myra Penberthy
Myra PenberthySecretary-Treasurer
Krista Brenner
Krista BrennerAccounting Specialist

Office Staff

Nola Shewfelt
Nola ShewfeltAdministrative Secretary
Susan Miller
Susan MillerOffice Assistant

Caretaking Staff

Felipe CalasinFacilities Supervisor
Mirtala Campos
Mirtala CamposCaretaker
Mark Marroquin
Mark MarroquinCaretaker